• Admission helpline

  • Administration Block

    To run, monitor and control the operations of colleges, an effective & efficient separate-separate administration blocks are developed for each colleges. The Administrative Block of the colleges is a well-planned and spacious building that consists of a vast offices of entire Top-Management team, academic team, principal offices, account section, establishment sections, exam sections and all departmental offices, stores , committee room with video-conferencing facility and a modern document archiving facility with compact optimizer,  Reception, well-laid-out corporate zone, and the Conference Halls, Guest room, College administrative office, beautiful sculptures,  state of the art Auditorium , cafeterias and other amenities.

    The Administration Blocks are fully computerized with 24 hours broad band access. Students and parents have access to the office for their admission, fees payment, inquiry, student registration, and all other educational needs. The office also offers services to staff members.